Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Personal Top 20 Chart 2/17/18: Finesse (5)

Decided to bring back a personal chart of mine, because why not, I'm bored and this blog has been dead for about a month, so this is my attempt to revive it. 


Havana- Camila Cabello/Young Thug
Weeks on Chart: 33
Last Week: #19

Peak: #1 (2 weeks)

Bad At Love- Halsey
Weeks on Chart: 23
Last Week: #20

Peak: #1 (3 weeks)

20. God's Plan- Drake
Weeks on Chart: 1
Last Week: (DEBUT)
Peak: #20

19. End Game- Taylor Swift/Future/Ed Sheeran
Weeks On Chart: 20
Last Week: #18
Peak: #3 (2 weeks)

18. Supplies- Justin Timberlake
Weeks on Chart: 5
Last Week: #12
Peak: #5 (1 week)

17. How Long- Charlie Puth
Weeks on Chart: 18
Last Week: #16
Peak: #4 (3 weeks)

16. Best Friend- Sofi Tukker/NERVO/The Knocks/Alisa Ueno
Weeks on Chart: 5
Last Week: #17
Peak: #12 (1 week)

15. Rockstar- Post Malone/21 Savage
Weeks on Chart: 14
Last Week: #15
Peak: #1 (1 week)

14. Woman- Kesha/The Dap-Kings Horns
Weeks on Chart: 4
Last Week: #14
Peak: #8 (1 week)

13. Whatever It Takes- Imagine Dragons
Weeks on Chart: 5
Last Week: #13
Peak: #13 (2 weeks)

12. Meaning Of Life- Kelly Clarkson
Weeks on Chart: 4
Last Week: #10
Peak: #9 (1 week)

11. Candy Paint- Post Malone
Weeks on Chart: 16
Last Week: #9
Peak: #3 (2 weeks)

10. One Foot- Walk The Moon
Weeks on Chart: 19
Last Week: #11
Peak: #3 (3 weeks)

9. Learn To Let Go- Kesha
Weeks on Chart: 5
Last Week: #7
Peak: #5 (1 week)

8. Legendary- Welshly Arms
Weeks on Chart: 8
Last Week: #8
Peak: #7 (2 weeks)

7. Wolves- Marshmello/Selena Gomez
Weeks on Chart: 13
Last Week: #6
Peak: #5 (3 weeks)

6. Stir Fry- Migos
Weeks on Chart: 7
Last Week: #4
Peak: #3 (1 week)

5. The Champion- Carrie Underwood/Ludacris
Weeks on Chart: 5
Last Week: #3
Peak: #2 (2 weeks)

4. Him & I- G-Eazy/Halsey 
Weeks on Chart: 9
Last Week: #5
Peak: #3 (2 weeks)

3. Pray For Me- The Weeknd/Kendrick Lamar
Weeks on Chart: 1
Last Week: (DEBUT)
Peak: #3 (1 week)

2. New Rules- Dua Lipa
Weeks on Chart: 20
Last Week: #2
Peak: #2 (6 weeks)

1. Finesse- Bruno Mars/Cardi B 
Weeks on Chart: 7
Last Week: #1
Peak: #1 (5 weeks)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Personal Top 10s/#1s of the 2010s (So Far)

Just a random idea I came up with in my head. After looking back at previous years of the decade, and my own personal #1s, I decided that I should do this because well why not?


10. Rude Boy (4 weeks @ #1: 4/10/10-5/1/10)

9. Hey Soul Sister (1 week @ #1: 2/27/10)

8. Teenage Dream (5 weeks @ #1: 8/14/10-9/11/10)

7. Dynamite (6 weeks @ #2: 7/3/10-8/7/10)

6. Love The Way You Lie (5 weeks @ #1: 7/10/10-8/7/10)

5. Telephone (2 weeks @ #1: 3/20/10-3/27/10)

4. California Gurls (6 weeks @ #1: 5/29/10-7/3/10)

3. Bad Romance (1 weeks: 3/13/10)

2. Need You Now (1 week @ #1: 2/20/10)

1. Tik Tok (8 weeks @ #1: 1/2/10-2/13/10, 3/6/10)


10. Firework (9 weeks @ #1: 11/13/10-1/8/11)

9. Someone Like You (2 weeks @ #1: 10/15/11-10/22/11)

8. Fuck You (5 weeks @ #2: 2/26/11-3/12/11, 3/26/11-4/2/11)

7. More (3 weeks @ #1: 2/5/11-2/19/11)

6. Born This Way (5 weeks @ #1: 2/26/11-3/26/11)

5. Last Friday Night (3 weeks @ #1: 8/20/11-9/3/11)

4. On The Floor (2 weeks @ #1: 4/2/11-4/9/11)

3. Moves Like Jagger (5 weeks @ #1: 9/10/11-10/8/11)

2. Party Rock Anthem (7 weeks @ #1: 7/2/11-8/13/11)

1. Rolling In The Deep (8 weeks @ #1: 5/7/11-6/25/11)


10. We Found Love (11 weeks @ #1: 10/29/11-1/7/12)

9. Wide Awake (1 week @ #1: 8/4/12)

8. Some Nights (10 weeks @ #2: 8/25/12-10/27/12)

7. Stronger (5 weeks @ #1: 2/18/12-3/17/12)

6. Set Fire To The Rain (5 weeks @ #1: 1/14/12-2/11/12)

5. Lights (2 weeks @ #1: 7/21/12-7/28/12)

4. We Are Young (4 weeks @ #1: 3/24/12-4/7/12, 5/12/12)

3. Somebody That I Used To Know (7 weeks @ #1: 4/14/12-5/5/12, 5/19/12-6/2/12)

2. Call Me Maybe (10 weeks @ #1: 6/9/12-7/14/12, 8/11/12-9/1/12)

1. Gangnam Style (12 weeks @ #1: 9/8/12-11/24/12)


10. Locked Out Of Heaven (2 weeks @ #1: 1/12/13-1/19/13)

9. Royals (8 weeks @ #1: 10/5/13-11/23/13)

8. Can't Hold Us (4 weeks @ #1: 4/13/13-5/4/13)

7. Suit & Tie (7 weeks @ #2: 3/2/13-4/6/13, 4/20/13)

6. Roar (6 weeks @ #1: 8/24/13-9/28/13)

5. Mirrors (2 weeks @ #1: 5/25/13-6/1/13)

4. Get Lucky (4 weeks @ #1: 7/27/13-8/17/13)

3. Clarity (9 weeks @ #2: 8/3/13-8/17/13, 8/31/13-9/28/13, 10/12/13)

2. Radioactive (7 weeks @ #1: 6/8/13-7/20/13)

1. Thrift Shop (10 weeks @ #1: 1/26/13-4/6/13)


10. Demons (4 weeks @ #2: 12/28/13-1/11/14, 1/25/14)

9. Timber (6 weeks @ #2: 1/18/14, 2/1/14-3/1/14)

8. Team (5 weeks @ #2: 3/8/14-4/5/14)

7. Maps (4 weeks @ #1: 8/30/14-9/6/14)

6. The Monster (6 weeks @ #1: 12/7/13-1/11/14)

5. Shake It Off (10 weeks @ #1: 9/13/14-11/15/14)

4. Turn Down For What (5 weeks @ #1: 6/7/14-7/5/14)

3. Talk Dirty (6 weeks @ #1: 4/26/14-5/31/14)

2. Happy (6 weeks @ #1: 3/22/14-4/19/14)

1. Counting Stars (9 weeks @ #1: 1/18/14-3/15/14)


10. Blank Space: (4 weeks @ #1: 11/22/14-12/13/14)

9. Hello (10 weeks @ #1: 10/31/15-1/2/16)

8. Renegades (2 weeks @ #1: 6/6/15-6/13/15)

7. Lean On (8 weeks @ #2: 7/11/15-8/15/15, 8/29/15-9/5/15)

6.Fight Song (3 weeks @ #1: 7/25/15-8/8/15) 

5. The Hills (8 weeks @ #1: 9/5/15-10/24/15)

4. Sugar (12 weeks @ #2: 1/24/15-4/11/15)

3. Shut Up And Dance (9 weeks @ #1: 4/25/15-5/2/15, 5/16/15-5/23/15, 6/20/15-7/18/15)

2. Love Me Like You Do (2 weeks @ #1: 5/9/15, 5/30/15)

1.Uptown Funk (18 weeks @ #1: 12/20/14-4/18/15)


10. Don't Let Me Down (8 weeks @ #3: 6/25/16-8/13/16)

9. Just Like Fire (2 weeks @ #1: 7/2/16-7/9/16)

8. Emperor's New Clothes (3 weeks @ #1: 2/6/16-2/20/16)

7. Into You (1 week @ #1: 7/16/16)

6. Piece By Piece (3 weeks @ #1: 3/5/16-3/19/16)

5. Roses (5 weeks @ #2: 2/6/16-2/13/16, 2/27/16, 3/12/16-3/19/16)

4. Can't Stop The Feeling (7 weeks @ #1: 5/14/16-6/25/16)

3. Work (6 weeks @ #1: 1/30/16, 2/27/16, 4/16/16/-5/7/16)

2. Stressed Out (6 weeks @ #1: 1/9/16-1/23/16, 3/26/16-4/9/16)

1. Closer (14 weeks @ #1: 8/20/16-11/12/16, 1/28/17)


10. Paris (8 weeks @ #3: 2/4/17-2/25/17)

9. Unforgettable (7 weeks @ #2: 7/15/17-8/19/17, 9/2/17)

8. Shape Of You: (5 weeks @ #1: 2/4/17-3/4/17)

7. 24K Magic (5 weeks @ #1: 11/19/16-12/3/16, 12/24/16-12/31/16)

6. Something Just Like This (5 weeks @ #2: 4/1/17-4/29/17)

5. That's What I Like (8 weeks @ #2: 3/4/17-3/25/17, 5/6/17-5/27/17)

4. Green Light (4 weeks @ #1: 3/11/17-4/1/17)

3. HUMBLE (4 weeks @ #1: 4/8/17-4/29/17)

2. Sign Of The Times (10 weeks @ #1: 5/6/17-7/8/17)

1. Praying (9 weeks @ #1: 7/15/17-8/19/18, 10/7/17-10/21/17)

And here are all the #1s in order from Tik Tok to Finesse:

1 Tik Tok (8 weeks: 1/2/10-2/13/10, 3/6/10)
2 Need You Now (1 week: 2/20/10)
3 Hey Soul Sister (1 week: 2/27/10)
4 Bad Romance (1 week: 3/13/10)
5 Telephone (2 weeks: 3/20/10-3/27/10)
6 Nothin' On You (1 week: 4/3/10)
7 Rude Boy (4 weeks: 4/10/10-5/1/10)
8 Not Afraid (3 weeks: 5/8/10-5/22/10)
9 California Gurls (6 weeks: 5/29/10-7/3/10)
10 Love The Way You Lie (5 weeks: 7/10/10-8/7/10)
11 Teenage Dream (5 weeks: 8/14/10-9/11/10)
12 DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love (4 weeks: 9/18/10-10/9/10)
13 Only Girl (In The World) (2 weeks: 10/16/10-10/23/10)
14 We R Who We R (2 weeks 10/30/10-11/6/10)
15 Firework (9 weeks: 11/13/10-1/8/11)
16 Raise Your Glass (1 week: 1/15/11)
17 Hold it Against Me (2 weeks (1/22/11-1/29/11)
18 More (3 weeks: 2/5/11-2/19/11)
19 Born This Way (5 weeks: 2/26/11-3/26/11)
20 On The Floor (2 weeks: 4/2/11-4/9/11)
21 E.T. (3 weeks: 4/16/11-4/30/11)
22 Rolling In The Deep (8 weeks: 5/7/11-6/25/11)
23 Party Rock Anthem (7 weeks: 7/2/11-8/13/11)
24 Last Friday Night (3 weeks: 8/20/11-9/3/11)
25 Moves Like Jagger (5 weeks: 9/10/11-10/8/11)
26 Someone Like You (2 weeks: 10/15/11-10/22/11)
27 We Found Love (11 weeks: 10/29/11-1/7/12)
28 Set Fire To The Rain (5 weeks: 1/14/12-2/11/12)
29 Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) (5 weeks: 2/18/12-3/17/12)
30 We Are Young (4 weeks: 3/24/12-4/7/12, 5/12/12)
31 Somebody That I Used To Know (7 weeks: 4/14/12-5/5/12, 5/19/12-6/2/12)
32 Call Me Maybe (10 weeks: 6/9/12-7/14/12, 8/11/12-9/1/12)
33 Lights (2 weeks: 7/21/12-7/28/12)
34 Wide Awake (1 week: 8/4/12)
35 Gangnam Style (12 weeks: 9/8/12-11/24/12)
36 Diamonds (6 weeks: 12/1/12-1/5/13)
37 Locked Out Of Heaven (2 weeks: 1/12/13-1/19/13)
38 Thrift Shop (10 weeks: 1/26/13-4/6/13)
39 Can't Hold Us (4 weeks: 4/13/13-5/4/13)
40 Just Give Me A Reason (2 weeks: 5/11/13-5/18/13)
41 Mirrors (2 weeks: 5/25/13-6/1/13)
42 Radioactive (7 weeks: 6/8/13-7/20/13)
43 Get Lucky (4 weeks: 7/27/13-8/17/13)
44 Roar (6 weeks: 8/24/13-9/28/13)
45 Royals (8 weeks: 10/5/13-11/23/13)
46 Wrecking Ball (1 week: 11/30/13)
47 The Monster (6 weeks: 12/7/13-1/11/14)
48 Counting Stars (9 weeks: 1/18/14-3/15/14)
49 Happy (6 weeks: 3/22/14-4/19/14)
50 Talk Dirty (6 weeks: 4/26/14-5/31/14)
51 Turn Down For What (5 weeks: 6/7/14-7/5/14)
52 All About That Bass (5 weeks: 7/12/14-8/9/14)
53 Maps (4 weeks: 8/30/14-9/6/14)
54 Shake It Off (10 weeks: 9/13/14-11/15/14)
55 Blank Space (4 weeks: 11/22/14-12/13/14)
56 Uptown Funk (18 weeks: 12/20/14-4/18/15)
57 Shut Up And Dance (9 weeks: 4/25/15-5/2/15, 5/16/15-5/23/15, 6/20/15-7/18/15)
58 Love Me Like You Do (2 weeks: 5/9/15, 5/30/15)
59 Renegades (2 weeks: 6/6/15-6/13/15)
60 Fight Song (3 weeks: 7/25/15-8/8/15)
61 Can't Feel My Face (3 weeks: 8/15/15/-8/29/15)
62 The Hills (8 weeks: 9/5/15-10/24/15)
63 Hello (10 weeks: 10/31/15-1/2/16)
64 Stressed Out (6 weeks: 1/9/16-1/23/16, 3/26/16-4/9/16)
65 Work (6 weeks: 1/30/16, 2/27/16, 4/16/16/-5/7/16)
66 Emperor's New Clothes (3 weeks: 2/6/16-2/20/16)
67 Piece By Piece (3 weeks: 3/5/16-3/19/16)
68 Can't Stop The Feeling (7 weeks: 5/14/16-6/25/16)
69 Just Like Fire (2 weeks: 7/2/16-7/9/16)
70 Into You (1 week: 7/16/16/)
71 Rise (3 weeks:7/23/16-8/6/16)
72 Hymn For The Weekend (1 week: 8/13/16)
73 Closer (14 weeks: 8/20/16-11/12/16, 1/28/17)
74 24K Magic (5 weeks: 11/19/16-12/3/16, 12/24/16-12/31/16)
75 Starboy (5 weeks: 12/10/16-12/17/16, 1/7/17-1/21/17)
76 Shape Of You (5 weeks: 2/4/17-3/4/17)
77 Green Light (4 weeks: 3/11/17-4/1/17)
78 HUMBLE (4 weeks: 4/8/17-4/29/17)
79 Sign Of The Times (10 weeks: 5/6/17-7/8/17)
80 Praying (9 weeks: 7/15/17-8/19/17, 10/7/17-10/21/17)
81 Look What You Made Me Do (6 weeks: 8/26/17-9/30/17)
82 ...Ready For It? (3 weeks: 10/28/17-11/4/17, 11/25/17)
83 I Did Something Bad (2 weeks: 11/11/17-11/18/17)
84 What Lovers Do (1 week: 12/2/17)
85 rockstar (1 week 12/9/17)
86 Havana (2 weeks: 12/16/17-12/23/17)
87 Bad At Love (3 weeks: 12/30/17-1/13/18)
88 Finesse (2 weeks: 1/20/18-1/27/18)

So yeah, tell me what you think down below, what songs did you like to see, and I'll see you next time. 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Billboard Hot 100 Year End 2017 Review

So, since I'm back to blogging I decided I might as well review the Year End Hot 100 because I want to. And yeah, for those of you on Pulse with the rankdown, spoiler alert. Also, some of my ranks for the rankdown has changed, and I will be unable to change my ranking on Pulse because.... well you already know. Also, if and when this gets uploaded, I would like for someone to link this to the guys on Pulse so they can actually see it, I don't just want it to be a Discord Pulse only thing tbh. Anyway, let's get this thing going.


100. Tunnel Vision- Kodak Black
Are any of you shocked this is my #100? Okay, maybe some of you thought XO TOUR Llif3 would be #100, but at least that song doesn't justify race as an excuse to get out of jail. I hate everything about this song, I hate his awful voice, I hate the off-key flute, I hate the lyrics, I hate the music video, I hate everything about Kodak Black. And what really pisses me off is that we have been getting rid of sex offenders in Hollywood, yet we let scummy trash like Kodak Black, and 6ix9ine in the top 20 on the Hot 100. This is fucking inexcusable America, and it needs to be fucking fixed. This is why I hate the rise in SoundCloud rappers and the rise of streaming in general. It results in shitty rappers like Kodak getting famous, and it makes famous singers like Katy Perry, can't compete, because all that matters now is streaming. Sales mean nothing and neither does radio, it's all in streaming because it accounts for like 2/3 of the points on the Hot 100. Andrew Prep did a video on 6ix9ine and the streaming problem, and he makes a good point; streaming needs to be nerf'd and it needs it big time. Have sales and airplay weigh about equal, or more to streaming, especially airplay considering that hundreds of millions of Americans are listening to the radio, which is tens of millions more than they are streaming everyday.. And I am being honest, this song is still the fucking worst, the last thing I want is a rapper to get big on the controversy of the fact that HE RAPED A GIRL!!! Ugh, screw this pile of dumpster trash, what's the next song. 

...UGH GOD WHY?!?!!?!? Why did we let a man who abused a PREGNANT WOMAN in the top 40?!?!!?!? Some would argue this is worse than Tunnel Vision, and you may be right, but this is still bottom 2 for a fucking reason!!! The awful bass mixed terribly that actually made me think that my earbuds were broken upon first listen. And everything about why this is actually different from Tunnel Vision in a way. But it still tries to be shocking and controversial, especially with lines like, "can't keep my dick in my pants" seriously are you trying to hide the fact your a rapist?! And this guy, this guy cannot sing at all! I can't stand these two songs, they try so hard to be shocking, they end up being some of the worst songs of the entire fucking year. Hopefully the rest of this list doesn't feature any garbage human beings. 

98. Juju On Dat Beat- Honestly, who gives a fuck
No I still do not give a fuck who these one hit wonders are, and I most likely never will. This song is just a terrible 2015 Vine song that became a hit in late 2016/early 2017 that has no right to exist. All this is, is two dumbass teens ripping the beat off a forgotten 2000s gem and they barely rhyme at all. They even name drop the song they sampled. 

"Okay we knuckin' and buckin' and ready to fight"

Yeah, no, you have no right to steal from Knuck If You Buck and get away with it. And what is their punishment! Banished to the realm of forgettable one hit wonder-land, and good fucking riddance, hope I never see these guys ugly face ever again.

97. XO TOUR Llif3- Lil Uzi Vert
Yeah this used to be my least favorite hit of the year for quite a while during's it's insanely long and unnecessary chart run. And yes I still hate everything about this, I hate the dark, and cheap trap production, I fucking hate Uzi's delivery and I hate how he goes on about how he wants to die and keeps changing the subject about luxury porn every 5 seconds. It's one of the most generic trap songs of the year, and it managed to make my bottom 5 on that reason alone. 

96. Body Like A Back Road- Sam Hunt
This is still by far the worst country song of the year, if not of all time. Yes, I think this song might be worse than Cruise, because this song was #1 on the country charts FOR 34 WEEKS STRAIGHT!!! Not only that, but the song itself is fucking garbage, from the awful gang-vocals ripped from DJ Mustard, the guitar that sounds ripped from Uncle Kracker's Follow Me, and the lyrics being the most offensive considering he's comparing this girl's body to a back road. Yeah, no shit I hate this, that's not sexy, that is disgusting, unattractive, and if you hit on a girl and said something like that, you'd be kicked in the crotch and rightfully so. Not only that but even in the verses he's an asshole.

"Had to get her number, took me like six weeks"

Probably because she got sick of your whiny, stalker bitch ass bugging her and decided to give you fake as Hell pity sex, or she maybe gave you a fake phone number. 

"Got a hips like honey, so thick and so sweet"

Are you saying she's fat, because dude you do not say that a girl is fat, like, EVER. 

This song is so incompetent in all forms, it's lyrics are insulting, the production is faux-ass country and tries and fails to blend pop with elements from outdated rap. Like my God this song, worst country song of the year, no contest, and the fact it's the biggest country song with the number of weeks it spent at #1, that is fucking embarrassing. Come on country, you can do better than this.

95. Rake It Up- Yo Gotti/Nicki Minaj
I guess Yo Gotti decided that Down In The DM wasn't bad enough and decided to make an even worse version of it, joy. And he got Mike Will Made-It to produce this awful sub-bass, train-wreck, and just when I thought he was improving this year with Kendrick and Rae Sremmurd. And you know what, the production isn't my main problem with this, it's the lyrics.

"I made love to a stripper (stripper) first I had to tip her, 20 thousand big ones"

"They should bleed once a month, 'cause dat what 'deez bitches do"

And you have the worst part, Nicki Minaj, where she rhymes China with China with China, with China, with vagina and then China again. If this isn't one of Nicki's worst moments in her career, it has to at least be top 5.

94. Swang- Rae Sremmurd
Just as I thought this duo was improving, they release one of the most ear-bleeding vocals on a song this year. Like I'm not even kidding Swae Lee sounds fucking awful, and none of this is helped by the atrocious farting synth that sounds ripped from U.O.E.N.O from 2013, one of the worst songs from that year. Also I can't stand Slim Jim's verse about how he wanted to be a doctor, dropped out and became a baller at all, it's aggravating if you did that for no real reason. But it's just these awful vocals and terrible, dark production that weigh this song down a lot.

93. Issues- Julia Michaels
How can anyone even enjoy this song is beyond me. For one, the vocals suck and it should be very obvious that Julia should stick to songwriting, not singing! Not only that, but the production choices on here are terrible, there's so much empty space in this song, it would work better with electronica elements that were good, not shitty lame ass, trap snares and fingersnaps. And the lyrics don't help her at all it's just her saying "Sure I've got issues but so do you and me needing you is my issue" it's really needy, clingy, and obnoxious for her. But this isn't her worst song, Uh Huh is so much worse. 

92. Bad Things- Machine Gun Kelly/Camila Cabello
Even thought Havana still remains as Camila's best, that still doesn't excuse her past work which is still showcasing her awful, AWFUL voice. I hate the chorus she handles, especially since they just rip the chorus from Fastball, which really aggravates me because I actually do like that song. Also, Machine Gun Kelly fucking sucks ass, and his 2017 album was fucking awful. I never liked a single song from this guy, he always seemed like a faux-punk-ass gangsta wannabe Eminem without any of the fire, the bars, or clever wordplay that he had. And instead of being, funny, clever or inspiring like Eminem, he decides to make a love song about sex, and make it seem as terrible as possible. And yes the line "scars on my body" is by far the worst thing I want to hear from M.G.K. or Camila. Why did we let a song about BDSM crack the top 5 people? I'm actually more shocked that this wasn't in the Fifty Shades Darker movie instead of I Don't Wanna Live Forever. But still, this song is basic, generic and uncomfortable to sit though, and it's only 92. Yeah, safe to say this year SUCKED. 

91. Don't Wanna Know- Maroon 5/Kendrick Lamar
Oh Maroon 5, how you've come so far and how far you've fallen. This is easily and by far the worst thing that Maroon 5 has ever done, no joke it is worse than any other song from them. I hate the production, which is just extremely cheap sounding tropical house, it's like they didn't even try for this one at all and just decided to do some trend-hopping. Also, Adam Levine sounds terrible throughout the song, he either sounds like he's trying so hard with his falsetto in the pre-chorus or not at all in the chorus itself. And the lyrics are just Adam not wanting to know if his ex-lover is dating another man, or cheating on him, which is stupid and shallow as Hell. But you want to know what does piss me off so much to warrant a bottom 10 spot for me; Kendrick's waste of a guest verse. I just find it jarring, how could a man who made one of the best albums of the entire year dare waste himself for this. I swear, all these Kendrick guest verses were just extra money for him while he was busy finishing up DAMN, and boy you can tell. If Kendrick can bring his A-game on his own albums, why can't he do the same on these pop tracks, it'd actually be fun to hear him on a pop track and make it sound good. But, nonetheless, this is by far the worst thing The Adam Levine Experience has ever done, and this wasn't even on Red Bill Blues, both this and Cold were dropped as songs so they could make What Lovers Do, making this song's existence even more pointless. 

90. Bank Account- 21 Savage
This would have been in my bottom 10 if I cared enough about how ungodly boring it is. Like seriously, this is a boring, basic Metro Boomin beat that I do not care for in the slightest. Not only that, but this song is about 21 Not-So-Savage bragging about how many M's he's got in his bank account, and I could not care at all, especially with his boring as Hell delivery. It's like he doesn't even care with how bored he sounds. 

89. Everyday We Lit- YFN Lucci/PnB Rock
If there is one thing I fucking hate it's the youth of today and their slang. And one word that I really hate is the word "lit" because I only say it when I want to abbreviate the word literature, and nothing more. Do people not even know that it means that your're a drugged up person doing crack, or intoxicated? Not only that, the production is fucking awful, the lyrics are only likable if your high or young and dumb, which is probably the people who pushed this into the top 40. Also, I hate the dark trap production that just won't go away.

88. Bad & Boujee- Migos/Lil Uzi Vert
This is still the worst Migos song I've ever heard. Some people would say Slippery or T-Shirt is worse, well I deiced to go for the most popular one, and is by definition their worst. This is just despicable, as it only hit #1 because of a fucking meme, and not a good one. And it's not even Quavo who says it, it's Offset's verse, one of the most boring verses ever. And yet, Takeoff doesn't even have a verse at all, and they give one to the most boring rapper, Lil Uzi. And my God I hate his verse so much, it's so awful ,and I hate his voice. Of all the trap songs to go to #1 last year, why did this have to be one of the most popular?

87. Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)- Cardi B
I hate all the hype this song has generated, and I hate how everyone is acting like she's some type of revolutionary rap icon, when sh'e not one at all. Missy Elliot was a revolutionary icon for rap, there's a reason she is called the beat slayer and the rap/hip-hop queen. Cardi B is just a Nicki Minaj/Kodak Black rip-off banking on generic trap trends and got to #1. But, why though, why did we let this happen? I mean, yeah, her verse on No Limit is good and her best work is on the Finesse remix with Bruno, but this is just a Kodak Black rip-off done by a girl, and suddenly that's a GOOD THING!? No, sorry, that is bullshit, I care about if the music is good or not, and this is not good, at all.

86. Broccoli- D.R.A.M./Lil Yatchy
I talked about this in the 2016 Review, and I still stand by everything about this. I hate Lil Yatchy's verse, I hate the "upbeat" production, and I hate D.R.A,M.'s voice. This was in my bottom 10 when I reviewed it on Pulse and that hate still stands to this day. 

85. Mask Off- Future
This is still a boring, dull waste of time, and I still can't believe it was Future's biggest hit. The only "good" thing I can say about this is the flute is okay I guess. But it still doesn't help that Future is barely audible in this track with his constant mumbling. 

84. Chained To The Rhythm- Katy Perry/Skip Marley
Never as a song's lyrics been so up in my face that it significantly weakens the song from an otherwise good song to a shit song, that is rare for me. It just sounds wrong for someone like KATY PERRY to warn us about the dangers of pop music. And that's if you take the lyrics at face value, because I know what Katy is trying to say and I fucking hate it. She is trying so hard to sound woke, but it just ends up failing for her. I highly doubt most of the American public want to hear some Hollywood celebrity bitch about the current political climate and tell us what to do and think. Besides, I highly doubt any major celebrity in Hollywood knows a thing about people who voted the way they did other than to just stereotype everyone who disagrees with them as racist, fascists with no IQ, which is incredibly false. This song could have been great if Katy just hadn't done this at all, and have this be the lead single to Witness, which was a terrible album anyway. Also, Skip Marley's verse.

"And we about to riot"

...No, no, no, fuck this song, that line fucking pisses me off, because it's basically him saying for people to go and destroy property. Go fuck yourself Skip, and anyone who thought this line was a good idea. Re-rite this song and make it more like Prism or Teenage Dream Katy, it would have been in my top 20, but no, the lyrics piss me off so much they deserve bottom 20 Hell. At least the other Katy songs from Witness decided to flop, including the awful Bon Appetit.

83. Magnolia- Playboi Carti
Well at least this isn't the other song from him, WokeUpLikeThis, but this is still horrid. I hate his awful voice, I hate the bland, trap production, and I hate the bragging in this song, like seriously, dude, come on! 

82. Slippery- Migos/Gucci Mane
I hate the awful synth work on this song, like my God is it bad. Nothing that anyone says here is particularly interesting in the slightest, and I feel like Gucci Mane is just a total waste of a guest verse. It's just another dull trap song with endless bragging about stealing YOUR GIRL, and how much money they have. Honestly, tell me something I didn't already know for once, and say something of interest for once.

81. Treat You Better- Shawn Mendes
This song still sucks, even a year later and I still hate it. At least Shawn released a great track this year, and I'll get to that later on. The production sucks, Shawn is an ass, and...


Is still the only good thing about this, since I can laugh at how desperate and whiny he sounds.

80. Strip That Down- Liam Payne
Remember when people said that Harry Styles was gonna be the Justin Timberlake of the group? Well here we have Liam Payne taking that approach, quite literally, and it sucks. I hate the awful bassline, Liam is trying, and failing to act sexy, he has no personality, and Quavo is a total waste of a guest verse. And yet, we let this top pop radio, why, I don't know, but it sucks anyway.

79. Caroline- Amine
This is the song I have the least so say, because I barely remember a thing about this at all. Hell I forgot this was even a hit at all until I looked through the list again, and.. yeah, this is just forgettable garbage, and we'll have another terrible one-hit wonder artist to rag on every once in a while. It tries to be fun and catchy like Broccoli, but here's the thing, that song was awful because of how happy it tried to be, despite the awful lyrics, this is just trying to be like that and it doesn't do anything for me.

78. I Get The Bag- Gucci Mane/Migos
I never got the appeal of Gucci Mane, and I probably never will, bar a few decent songs he's done. And this song is basically the same issues I have with Slippery, except the production isn't that bad, but I still can't stand the lyrics at all, and the vocals are grating to say the least. To me, this is just boring, brag rap, and I wouldn't even call this a Gucci Mane song, since Migos is on this song more than Gucci Mane. 

77. No Promises- Cheat Codes/Demi Lovato
Remember when everyone hated The Chainsmokers for really no good reason whatsoever? Well, how about people fight the real enemy; Chainsmokers rip-offs like this. Not only is the production terrible and the drop is weak as fuck, but it's a total waste of Demi's potential. I mean seriously Demi, what the fuck with with your voice on this track, it sounds way too high for your range. And the production is a huge mess, it sounds mechanical, but in the worst of ways. Why did we let this sleeper hit in the year end list?

76. Fake Love- Drake
Here we see the fallen king of 2017, once a holder of 24 songs on the Hot 100 at once, only to fall into whiny pop star. What a shame. But what really pushes this song so low for me is his awful high note when he's saying, "Whole time they wanna take my place" near the end. It's grating as Hell for, and hearing Drake whine about how he's "got fake people showing fake love to me, straight up to my face" is not helping his case. It's stunning how Drake went from One Dance, to making his most whiny and obnoxious song to date.

75. Rolex- Ayo & Teo
Having Rae Sremmurd's Swang was bad enough, and having Rae Sremmurd rip-offs isn't much of an improvement either. This is just another brag rap, party song that does nothing for me, the last thing I want to hear is a bunch of teens brag about their fucking Rolex watches. How is that cool, anyway, so what, it's a expensive watch, talk to me when it's something that's actually cool to brag about, like a Lamborghini. 

74. Side To Side- Ariana Grande/Nicki Minaj
I still can't stand this overrated monstrosity. What is so good about this song that everyone has to say it's one of the best off Dangerous Woman, when it's not? It's just the same, dull, boring reggae song from 2016 that we all should have just left behind. 

73. Do Re Mi- Blackbear
Do re mi fa so fucking done with this song. I can't like this at all, I hate the vocals from this no-name artist, and I can't stand the production it's weak as fuck, it sounds awful, and I hate the lyrics on this it's like he doesn't even care at all. Also I hate Blackbear's delivery and the fact that this is one of the worst kiss-offs ever.

72. Mercy- Shawn Mendes
God, Shawn is so Goddamn whiny in this song! Like he's asking for this girl to "have mercy on my heart" and he's not giving us any reason why she should. After what you did in Treat You Better, I have no reason why I should root for you in this situation at all! If anything it seems like you deserve whatever it is this girl is doing to you, you don't deserve mercy. 

71. Mi Gente- J Balvin/Willy William/Beyonce
Surprise! This song only made my bottom 30. Yeah, you know this year sucks when the goat noise isn't even in my bottom 15. I mean I can see some people calling it catchy, and the lyrics aren't that bad, but that goat dying really gets on my nerves. And yet, this barely made my bottom 30, joy.

70. Say You Won't Let Go- James Arthur
I would go on about how much I hate this white guy with acoustic guitar song, but it's too boring for me to care. Seriously, I can't get through this boring song at all without falling asleep, and I don't feel like doing it today.

69. Cold- Maroon 5/Future
Maroon 5 went from terrible tropical house to terrible trap. That sounds disgusting. And they brought Future along, to make sure this was even more of a trap song. Not only is Future just terrible, Adam Levine is somehow worse, as he decides to act like a total dick to this girl. Like, come on dude, go back to songs like Moves Like Jagger and Sugar, not this.

68. Redbone- Childish Gambino
Talk about overrated songs. Even if this 50s R&B vibe was impressive, this is just boring as Hell and Childish Gambino's worst song. Also...


Yeah, no I'mma stay as sleepy as possible, especially with this boring monstrosity of a song.

67. Starving- Hailee Steinfeld/Zedd/Grey
Wow, I didn't think it was possible for that drop to get worse as time moved on, but it did. I still hate the guitar even more than I did, Hailee's voice is even worse, and that drop is still the worst thing about this song. Not much to say for this repeat I guess.

66. Both- Gucci Mane/Drake
Wasn't this originally a Christmas song or something? I remember this had the cover art that was Christmasy, so why the Hell did it stick around so long. Whatever, the point is, this song sucks, and for good reason. The beat is nausea inducing Gucci Mane is as boring and irrelevant as ever, and Drake... he's just here, probably just for name recognition and nothing else. Also, Drake saying he's drunk and high, was he really drunk and high, because if he was then that explains how boring he sounds on this track.

65. T-Shirt- Migos
I don't like Migos, like at all. I think that they have little to no talent and the only member that seems to matter is Quavo. One thing that does bug me is when they use their triplet flow, especially on this song specifically. It always seem like there's too much space after each bar, like seriously why? Not only that, but they sound bored as Hell, not helped by the use of auto-tune slathering their voices. And then we have the lyrics which are just more senseless brag rap that we don't need to have. Like seriously, if it wasn't for that triplet flow, I would've assumed it was another generic brag rapper, and not a triplet rap group. 


64. Down- Marian Hill
The piano might be decent, and the vocals are good, but oh my God this chopped up vocal chorus is the worst. Like, seriously, if it wasn't for that part making this Gold 2.0, it would have been passable at least. You cannot just fuck up this badly unless you don't know what you're doing. 

63. Drowning- A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie/Kodak Black
While the chorus might be decent at best, and A Boogie isn't as bad as I thought, it's still this low because of one thing, Kodak Black. 

"I'm the shit I'm fartin', I don't know how to potty"

Yeah that one line kills whatever momentum this song had, and if the song wasn't always bragging about luxury porn so much this would have been passable I guess. But no, this song is ruined because of Kodak and the luxury brag rap that's not in the chorus. That and Kodak fucking sucks as a singer and can't sing, whereas A Boogie sounds good and if this was just him alone, it could have been decent or maybe good.

62. Feel It Still- Portugal. The Man
I remember that I used to like this song, that was a mistake. I don't know why this song gets as much love as it does, it's basically every other fluke indie rock song ever made. Not helping is this guy's high falsetto, which is just grating. Also, I do not like that bass over melody at all. Like, seriously, this won the 2017 Alternative rankdown, why though? Also, that "rebel just for kicks" line is rally grating, especially in today's political climate, where I'd argue no one is a rebel just for kicks anymore.

61. I Feel It Coming- The Weeknd/Daft Punk
This song is incredibly weak for The Weeknd, I don't know why I even liked it to begin with. Yeah, it has your classic Daft Punk production and all, but it's so boring, and any energy that The Weeknd had from Starboy is completely gone. Of all the songs post Starboy to go to the top 10, why couldn't False Alarm, Sidewalks or Six Feet Under be the next single to go to the top 10, not this boring dreck of a song.

60. What Ifs- Kane Brown/Lauren Alaina
This is not a country song, no matter what people say, this is a pop song through and through. My main problem with this is that Lauren is pushed to backing vocals on this track for the chorus, instead of getting her own verse. Also, I don't like some of the lines in this song, especially that last first kiss line, which is really stupid, I mean come on.

59. Scars To Your Beautiful- Alessia Cara
I get what Alessia is trying to go for, but this feels way too preachy, and if it's trying to be like Christina Aguilera's Beautiful, it fails in that regard. Not only is the lyrics cheesy and preachy, the production over melody doesn't help much either, and it just feels to stiff for me. 


58. 1-800-273-8255- Logic/Alessia Cara/Khalid
My main problem with this song is NOT the adlib of "Who can relate, woo!" that's the least of this song's problems. No, my problem with this song is how preachy and how sugar coated this song is. It takes the topic of suicide and depression and tries to make it seem like it's so easy to help someone going through an emotional time. As someone who has gone through depression and suicidal thoughts, I can say that it is not that easy at all. It is not that easy as this song thinks it is, and this song just seems so corporate and far too sugar coated for a song about suicide. I get what Logic was trying to go for, but it just falls flat on it's face. I wasn't gonna rank this in the bad tier because of it's good intentions, and the beat is fine enough, unlike Scars To Your beautiful. That, and I actually do like Khalid's intro quite a bit to be honest.

57. iSpy- KYLE/Lil Yatchy
I'll admit the production is catchy and all, the chorus kills whatever momentum this song had. 

":iSpy with my little eye, a curly-headed cutie I could make into my wife, wait that means forever-ever, hold up never mind"

Like seriously, you just had to say that didn't you? Also, Lil Yatchy is bad as he normally is.

56. Congratulations- Post Malone/Quavo
Yeah I grew into this song, mostly because of how good Rockstar and Candy Paint are. I still don't think this is a good song, but I do think I overhated it somewhat. The production is fine, I don't mind Post's delivery, and the only things I don't like is the self-congratulatory lyrics and Quavo himself.

55. I'm The One- DJ Khaled's posse
Why does this sound like a 2014 DJ Mustard song. a dated DJ Mustard song? I don't like the production, even if it is the only good thing I can say, since it's at least upbeat. Justin Bieber's chorus is probably the only reason this song even debuted at #1, since no one else on here really matters. Even Chance The Rapper sounds like a discount Quavo, so why did they have the actual Quavo anyway. Also, Lil Wayne does his normal shtick of ruining the song a little more. Of all the songs to debut at #1 since 1995, this is by far the most forgettable one, and I wouldn't be shocked if this was last in any #1 debut rankdown that may happen. 

54. Small Town Boy- Dustin Lynch
I don't really care for country music all that much, this is mostly here because it's a mostly forgettable, but inoffensive song. Yeah, it does seem more like a pop song than a country song, but I don't really see what's so bad about this song. To me, it's just an inoffensive slice of pop-country that I can see an average country fan tuning in and liking.

53. Let Me Love You- DJ Snake/Justin Bieber
DJ Snake really fell off the wagon in 2016, and this is proof of it. I still don't like the looping production in the chorus, and Justin just doesn't seem right here. If anything DJ Snake has really gotten worse since collaborating with Major Lazer in 2015.

52. What About Us- P!nk
This is one of P!nk's weaker songs, and probably her most boring as well. It just sounds generic, and while I will give her props for trying, it just sounds weak, especially the production. And the lyrics are trying to be political from what I heard.... yeah no. P!nk has done better song, and unfortunately, this is not one of them. However Revenge is a better P!nk song, and that SHOULD have been a hit to be honest. What About Us is just boring, and really underwhelming. 

51. Bounce Back- Big Sean
This is... well it's something at least. Personally I wasn't expecting a Big Sean comeback to even crack the top 20 at all, and well it's something alright. I wouldn't say it's great or anything, Big Sean is fine, the production is passable, and the lyrics I don't really mind all that much, except a few. But really it only made my bottom 50 because the top 50 really didn't feel like it needed Big Sean, so sorry. That and I don't really like the dark, trap production, even if he does deliver some clever lines.

50. Despacito- Luis Fonsi/Daddy Yankee/Justin Bieber
Yeah the biggest song of the century and I ranked it #50. Not only is it one of the few overplayed songs that I tanked, but I still feel pretty jaded at the fact that it tied with One Sweet Day for most weeks at #1. Especially since it only got there because of a Bieber remix and nothing else. If there was no Bieber remix, I bet this wouldn't have been as overplayed as it was, nor would it have been as popular as it got. And it could have been great, but Bieber really ruins it, especially since we know how much of an ass he is. 

49. Hurricane- Luke Combs
This is fine, it's not When It Rains Or Pours, which was a terrible kiss-off anthem, this is sweet and enduring to be honest. 

48. Malibu- Miley Cyrus
I actually hated this song because of how generic and cheesy it sounded. Now I just find it dull, boring and kind of relaxing to be honest. It's not bad type of generic, just boring type of generic, but honestly if it means Miley can producer more relaxing songs like this and not.... whatever the fuck her Dead Petz album was, then I'm fine with it. I can see why people liek this, it's okay at best for me.

47. Too Good At Goodbyes- Sam Smith
This used to be really great for me months ago, now it's just boring to me. I just think this song is just a repeat of Stay With Me or I'm Not The Only One, and I just think it's really boring. If there was any Sam Smith song I would kill to have become a hit though, it'd have to be Pray.

46. Love Galore- SZA/Travis Scott
I don't really care for this song all that much anymore, it's just boring to me now. Yeah, SZA is a decent singer, but the beat is cluttered and un-sexy, and Travis Scott is pretty dismissive in this song. In other words, this song doesn't do much for me at all, it's pretty much white noise.


45. Love On The Brain- Rihanna
This is one of the weaker singles off Anti, but it's not bad per say, it's decent I'll say that. I liek the production, the lyrics are fine, but I think the vocals are what kind of kills the song a bit for me. Rihanna is a good vocalist, but on this track, it does seem like she is trying to give it her all, but I feel like she doesn't have the vocal range to handle a ballad like this. Still it's a decent song nonetheless. 

44.Location- Khalid
This is fine enough I guess. I like Khalid's voice, but what makes this decent is the beat is kind of boring and forgettable, it's pretty much easy listening and a snoozer of a song. But I think Khalid's delivery is fine enough. 

43. Young, Dumb, & Broke- Khalid
I don't know why I like this, I guess I like the lyrics about being young, dumb and broke, which is relatable I can see, and his voice is fine, although I can see why some people don't like it. The production though, is kind of dull though, and weighs the song down for me. I get what Khalid is going for and I do enjoy it, but just like Location, the beat isn't really all that great, and kind of boring to me. But, it's still decent I guess. 

42. It Ain't Me- Kygo/Selena Gomez
So, this took some time to grow on me, especially since I do kind of like the production. But still the chopped up vocaloid chorus still bugs me a little, but not as much as it did beforehand.

41. Feels- Calvin Harris/Katy Perry/Pharrell Williams/Big Sean
I like the beat, Pharrell is great and even Big Sean is good, but what does kill this song for me is Katy Perry, who is not having a good year for me. She just sounds so phoned in on this song, it kind of kills the momentum this song has in the chorus. 

40. The Fighter- Keith Urban/Carrie Underwood
I mostly do like this because I'm a bit of a sucker for male/female duets, and Carrie Underwood herself. However I will admit, that this is not really that much of a country song though, and Keith Urban is not that amazing. Also, Carrie Underwood is more fierce on her own tracks like Dirty Laundry, but on here, she singing about what if she's scared or falls and relies heavily on someone to save her. But still, the beat is fine and, like I said, I'm a sucker for duets. 

39. Now Or Never- Halsey
Halsey is one of those artists that I'd say I like but not openly. I never liked New Americana, I loved her in Closer, and Bad At Love is my new jam, and this, I think it's fine honestly. I will say that I get that it is a rip-off of Rihanna's Needed Me which I like a lot more than this, but I wouldn't say that it makes this necessarily bad. What does kind of bug is some of the trap percussion and how boring it is, but other than that I'd say it's decent.

38. In Case You Didn't Know- Brett Young
This is the type of country love song that I like more than I love. I'll admit, it's cute, it's catchy and it's decent, and I like it.


37. Slow Hands- Niall Horan
I love the production for it, Niall Horan made a folk-rock song and I love it. What does keep this from being any higher for me though, is that "like sweat dripping down our dirty laundry" line in the chorus. But still, Niall's voice is great, and the production is easily the best part of it.

36. Passionfruit- Drake
Out of all the songs on More Life, this is by far the best song. I honestly don't mind that Drake is trying to go for more afrobeat inspired music like this, I actually think it's pretty good. However I do hate the one minute intro at the beginning of the track though, that is what kills this song for me into a 4/5. That and it is admittedly boring, but still I think it's quite catchy and nice. 

35. Castle On The Hill- Ed Sheeran
Many would call this the best song off Divide, well, I actually disagree. I mean yeah, I love the production, the vocals are fine, and the most enjoyable part of this song is easily the lyrics. Why this isn't any higher, I don't know, maybe it's because while I do like lyrics, I do fine the 80s U2 style production fine but not my type. 

34. Sorry Not Sorry- Demi Lovato
Like most people I found Demi's new album, Tell Me You Love Me pretty underwhelming and disappointing. However, unlike most people, I actually found the lead single, Sorry Not Sorry to be the best song off the album. I actually like the pop-gospel production, and I actually like Demi's voice on here, certainly better than on No Promises. And the lyrics, okay no beating around the bush, I don't mind if this is a kiss off to some haters or to an ex, I think this sounds fine, and at least Demi isn't being a complete submissive bitch like she is throughout the rest of the album. But still it's only a 4/5 for one reason, the chorus sounds like it was ripped from Chance The Rapper's No Problem, a song I really love. So yeah, that's kind of my main issue with this song, but with that done we move on.


33. Heathens- Twenty One Pilots
I find it kind of shocking how TOP had one hit from this year, and it was mostly a 2016 repeat that stayed on long enough to make the year end for this year, in a year in which they released no new material. I mean, they did release a video for HeavyDirtySoul which should have been a crossover hit in the first place. But still this a damn great song regardless, I love the dark beat, Tyler's voice is great and the lyrics about how toxic their fandom is when it comes to welcoming in people who only liked them because of them becoming popular is a breathe of fresh air to me.

32. Can't Stop The Feeling- Justin Timberlake
This song is way too fucking hated and for no real reason. So what if it's a dance song, it's supposed to be a Summer jam song for a fucking kids movie, but it's not that bad. I swear, it's like people can't learn to have fun every once in a while. If you hear this song and you can't at least put a smile on your face and listen to it, you have no sense of fun.

31. Slide- Calvin Harris/Frank Ocean/Migos
Easily the best song fro Calvin Harris to followup his DREADFUL 2016 single with Rihanna. I was not expecting Calvin Harris to do  more tropical/disco type song with Frank Ocean and Migos! And yet, it's amazing, the chorus is catchy as Hell, Frank Ocean is tolerable, and I can't stand Frank Ocean at all. And if you asked me, this is probably the best song off of Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, yes seriously, better than Heatstroke. 

30. LOYALTY- Kendrick Lamar/Rihanna
You know, I'm kind of shocked Kendrick and Rihanna didn't collaborate with each other sooner. And to be honest, I think they have great chemistry together, and mix that in with the great beat and lyrics about.. well being loyal to one another, I think it makes for a great song. That and I'm a sucker for male/female duets like this. 

29. Thunder- Imagine Dragons
Yeah, I think this song gets too much hate, and for no good reason. Yes, it's repetitive, but here's the thing, it's catchy. Not only that, but I feel like so many people dismiss the verses for no real reason, only to focus on the repetitive chorus. Like seriously guys, you know the verses are about how Dan was a young kid with a small temper and was bullied, while also dreaming about being a star that he is now. And yet, people just focus on the chorus as if that's the only thing about the song to hate and nothing else. And the production is just good, with drums, and what sounds like a tambourine rhythmically clashing each other in a good way. I seriously do not get what is up with the hate for this, especially since the only thing I can see people hating is the chorus and literally nothing else, like come on people. 

28. Rockstar- Post Malone/21 Savage
I actually really like this song, even if it did take a lot of growing on me. I like the piano, I don't mind the beat, the chorus is catchy as hell, and 21 Savage's verse is more funny that it is irritating. Not only that, but you have to give Post credit for showing how he feels like a rockstar. Whether you'd like to admit it or not, even some of the most well known rockstars have done drugs before and have had sex with groupies. Now I will admit that the whole taking a gun and going all "bra da ta ta" is more of a gangster rapper than a rockstar, but the point is, Post isn't say he IS a rockstar, he says he FEELS like one, and I feel like the lyrics for that one part take way too much flack. Is this Post's best song, no. Do I still really like it though, yes, and I actually am glad it was at #1 for 8 weeks, even if it did block Havana for a few weeks. 

27. Havana- Camila Cabello/Young Thug
This is easily the best thing that either Camila or Young Thug have ever done. For one, Camila's voice isn't as nasal or annoying as it normally is, and two, this is some of the best Latin pop that I've heard in a while. Finally, we have a Latin song with different percussion unlike seemingly every other Latin song that seems to chart recently. Also I love the horns a lot, the chorus is insanely catchy, and I even like Young Thug's verse. Point is, this song is way too great to be cockblocked from #1, especially by out current #1. 

26.I Don't Wanna Live Forever- Zayn Malik/Taylor Swift
I feel like I really should not like this because of how whiny and emo the song is. But I don't, and I don't even mind Zayn's high falsetto in this song. Yeah this is pretty emo if both the artists are dealing with heartbreak and basically want to die, and I should hate it. But to be honest, I really don't. I don't know why, but I just love this electroR&B production more than I should, and this is from the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack, which I really should hate since the movie was God-awful. And yet, no this is just another guilty pleasure for me, and yet, this isn't even the biggest guilty pleasure song on this list. 

25. All Time Low- Jon Bellion
Despite the repeating "low's" in the chorus, and that one masturbate line in the verses, I actually really love this song. I like the production, Jon Bellion has a good voice, and honestly I can't really say anything about the lyrics all that much, but damn it sounds like with everything that happened in the chorus that he really did hit an all time low. But still, it's that infectious chorus that really gets to me, as well as that great beat. Call it a guilty pleasure, but I'm glad that we at least got ONE good Jon Bellion hit this year, and that's good enough for me.

24. Attention- Charlie Puth
Easily Charlie's best song, no doubt. I just love that bassline, it's amazing, and I even don't mind Charlie Puth's vocal performance on this song. Not only s the production more smooth and his voice isn't ass annoyingly whiny, even the lyrics have improved a lot. It's about how this girl, who was Charlie's ex is spreading rumors and dirt all over his name and Charlie calls the girl out by saying that she's basically an attention whore. And honestly, I'm with Charlie on this, and I think he has the right to call this girl out for false rumors about Puth and just getting attention. 

"You just want attention, you don't want my hear, you're just making sure I'm never getting over you"

But still, the reason this song is so high is that epic bassline in the song. And if Charlie Puth can continue with this type of music, with slicker and smoother production and better lyrics, I'm all in for a new Charlie Puth album then. 

23. There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back- Shawn Mendes
Same with Charlie Puth, this is Shawn's best song. The guitar is great, like the rest of the production, Shawn sounds great and not as whiny as he did on Mercy, and just like Attention, the lyrics improved a lot. It's about how Shawn's girl is a girl with no limits, she's pretty much an energetic daredevil, willing to push the limits. And Shawn, rather than be a whiny bitch like I expected, goes along with it saying that "there's nothing holdin' me back" and how even if this girl goes to places that could ruin his reputation, he doesn't care as long as she's happy. I think that's pretty sweet and enduring, and much better than hearing Mendes whine about this girl. Not only that but the guitar is amazing, and the best part is the bridge.

"'Cause if we lost our minds and we took it way too far I know we'd be alright, know we would be alright"

It's just great, how the beat just fades, and then just comes back in the second half when Mendes raises his voice to fit the meter. And the chorus, especially with the drop in place of the guitar is just epic. This is what I want from Mendes, competent production with lyrics that aren't so whiny, that is what he should be doing. 

22. Goosebumps- Travis Scott/Kendrick Lamar
I seriously underranked this song in the rankdown, it deserved to be in my great tier to be honest. It's dark and disturbing trap rap done right, and Kendrick is amazing as always. But you all probably knew that already. And that chorus is just infectious as well, what was I thinking, calling this song mediocre. 

21. What Lovers Do- Maroon 5/SZA
This is the best Maroon 5 song I've heard since Sugar. For one that bassline is amazing and easily one of the best things about the song, and Adam Levine's voice isn't even that bad at all in this. Also, SZA isn't as bored in this song and does good opposite Adam Levine, better than with Travis Scott on her own song. And yet, this is probably the only good song off of Red Pill Blues, because every other song is just garbage in comparison. But, if we can get one good hit out of Maroon 5, I'm fine with it, as long as Wait flops like it should. What Lovers Do on the other hand can stay because it has the audacity to be great. 

20. Look What You Made Me Do- Taylor Swift
This is probably gonna be the song that is the most controversial one to defend. Yes, it's dark, and it's a total style change from what 1989, and yes it's a diss track to all of her critics, including Kanye, Kim, and Katy Perry. But is it really one of the worst songs of the year people? The pre-chorus is insanely catchy, and I even like the chorus, it's not that bad. And yes, I know, the chorus is basically sampling Right Said Fred's I'm Too Sexy, which shouldn't be that surprising since some of the writers for this song ARE Right Said Fred members. And, I know some people were shocked with how drastic this stylistic change was, but after I Don't Wanna Live Forever, were we really that surprised? To be honest, it was only a matter of time until she changed up everything, and I honestly don't hate it. I will say this, LWYMMD is probably one of the weaker songs off Reputation, mostly because it's too dark and doesn't really fit that well with songs like Getaway Car and King Of My Heart. But I will say this is a big guilty pleasure for me, but I will say that it's not my favorite song from her, or even top 5 off Reputation, but it's still a jam to me regardless. 

19. Stay- Zedd/Alessia Cara
I actually think this song does the chopped up vocal chorus right. It chopped up vocals are based around the production, not the other way around. It's not the best song that Zedd has produced, it's no Clarity, but I do think that it is a great song either way, it's a clean, fantastic EDM song. Also, Alessia Cara is great on this track, like her voice is just great, it's probably her best performance since Wild Things. 

18. Rockabye- Clean Bandit/Sean Paul/Anne-Marie
I don't care if it's a tropical house song with chopped up vocal chorus, it's amazing. I like Sean Paul, I like Anne-Marie, and I love Clean Bandit, and I think they all did a great job on this song. But what I really like is the lyrics, and yes I know, it's about how a single mother is trying to raise her six year old son, and how the lyrics don't fit well with a tropical house song. But you know what, I don't care, the best part is the bridge that Anne-Marie sings, when pretty much all of the instrumentation just stops in place of a subtle piano. If you can't just stop to appreciate what this song is about, then you have no soul whatsoever. This song is still a great song, and I am so glad it became a hit this year, a top 10 hit no less. 

17. Swalla- Jason Derulo/Ty Dolla $ign/Nicki Minaj
Now this song is the definition of guilty pleasure. I am not that big of a Jason Derulo fan, but man he's made some definite guilty pleasure jams like Talk Dirty and this. For one this beat, it's just a load of unadulterated fun, it's the definition of what a summer jam should be. Not do I actually like Jason's falsetto in the pre-chorus, but I even like Ty and Nicki's verses, Nicki's especially.

"I gave these bitches two years, now you time's up, bless her heart she throwin' shots but every line sucks"

This is probably the only Nicki verse in 2017 that I really enjoyed, and I'd say it's the best thing she's done all year. Because when she doesn't try you've got auto-generated No Frauds, and terrible rhyme words with itself Rake It Up. So if this is the best thing Nicki did all year, I'll fucking take it. 

16. Water Under The Bridge- Adele
I don't think this needs much explaining, I mean, it's Adele, what do you expect? This is one of the standout tracks off 25, along with Send My Love (To Your New Lover) and Hello, and I am so glad it was a single and a hit that it deserved. I do think this song could have been a bigger hit if it had a proper video or some good promotion, but you know what, it was a hit regardless and I am so glad it was. 

15. Wild Thoughts- DJ Khaled/Rihanna/Bryson Tiller
Unpopular opinion: I actually think this Maria Maria sample works better on this song than Maria Maria. For one I think Rihanna can definitely sell the sexy, and sultry Rihanna in this more than any other song she's done, and I don't even really mind Bryson Tiller's verse all that much, even if it does have some questionable lyrics...

"Fuck you till you burned out, cremation"

Yeah... like that line. But still, I love the instrumentation a lot, which I think is this song's strongest component, and I fucking love the Santana guitar sample, I think it's done better here than on Maria Maria. 

14. Black Beatles- Rae Sremmurd/Gucci Mane
This is easily the best thing that Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane have ever done, and I'm glad it was a hit. And the man who made this great beat, Mike Will Made It. Yes, that's right, the same guy who made the shit 23, Love Me, and even this year's Rake It Up. But my God, when Mike Will tries hsi best, he gives us his best, and this isn't even his best. But still, I think Rae Sremmurd do a good job at emulating the life of a rockstar, much better than Post can to be honest. But still, this song still rocks, and even if it got to #1 because of a meme challenge, at least it was a funny meme challenge with a good song to do it, and I'm glad about that.

13. Believer- Imagine Dragons
I actually really love this song, I like the beat, I like the chorus, and I like the vocals. I can see why some may not like this song, especially the chorus., where Dan Reynolds is just screeching and giving it his all, despite his voice sounding terrible being all high falsetto and all. But.... I don't mind it, like at all. Even the triplet flow in the verses before the chorus don't bother me. And the lyrics... okay yeah I've got nothing for that, but still I find this song to be quite a catchy banger for me. If I wasn't a believer for this band before I certainly am one now. 

12. Closer- The Chainsmokers/Halsey
This still remains as my #1 song of 2016 and nothing anyone can say will change that otherwise. I still love the drop, the beat is awesome, and I am a sucker for duets, and I love how Andrew Taggart and Halsey play off each other so well in this song. And did I mention that I love that chorus, especially the second one?

"So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover, that I know you can't afford, bite that tattoo on your shoulder, pull the sheets right off the corner of that mattress that you stole from your roommate back in Boulder, we ain't ever gettin' older"

Like, you don't understand how amazing that chorus is, and when that drop and breakdown happens, it's just... an experience. 

11. 24K Magic- Bruno Mars
Yep, even after a year I still love this song. Yes, this is basically Uptown Funk 2.0 in a way, but I still fucking love that song, so in retrospect I still love this, I will say what does keep this song out of my top 10 is the intro, which yeah it is kind of annoying. But still, I love this beat a lot especially the heavy synths. This is what I like about Bruno, he actually gives a damn about making good throwback music, and this is some great funk, R&B song and I'm glad it was as big a hit as it was. I swear, only Bruno can delivery the type of luxury porn and bragging that other rappers can't. Also...

"Blame it on Jesus #Blessed"

That line is fucking great.

10. Paris- The Chainsmokers
I don't care if this is an obvious Midnight City rip-off I enjoy this and Shots MORE than Midnight City. The beat is enjoyable, I love Emily Warren's uncredited vocals, and that chorus is just infectious. And apparently some people have a problem with the lyrics, when really it's not that bad. Using the phrase "we were staying in Paris" is meant to be a metaphor for a faraway, secluded place to go to. It's about how Taggart and his lover want to get away and "show them we are better" And even with the lyrics, I just pay more attention to that guitar in the final chorus which is just amazing. I still love this song even after a year since it's release, and it still sounds fresh to me.

9. Unforgettable- French Montana/Swae Lee
I got to say French Montana and Swae Lee really impressed me on this track. Even if French Montana's part is the weakest part of the track, Swae Lee's Weeknd impression in the chorus and with the reverb, this is a damn solid track. What can I say, it's a great track, and I am so glad it was a hit because it's just so damn great and I love it.

8. Starboy- The Weeknd/Daft Punk
In 2016 this would barely make my top 10, so I'd rather give it the top 10 justice it deserves. While it's certainly not The Weeknd's best, especially off Starboy, it's still a damn solid song. The bass is amazing, The Weeknd is great, and I just love that catchy as Hell chorus. Daft Punk does a great job with the beat on this, and I am so glad this song made it to #1. This is definitely the best song off Starboy, if not at least top 5

7. Shape Of You- Ed Sheeran
This is one of the most overhated songs of the entire year. Seriously, what is so terrible about this to be hated? The xylophone melody is catchy as fuck, the production is great, and so what if it's an Ed Sheeran sex song? "Oh he's so cheap, and dorky" yeah that's the fucking point, it's Ed Sheeran, not every artist is gonna be your typical Hollywood rich person who'll take to a 5-star restaurant. And honestly, I'd expect this from Ed, he's just too dorky and likable for me to hate in this song. I love the melody, I love the beat, and at the end of the day, it's just a catchy dance song that gets too much flack for no real reason.

6. Something Just Like This- The Chainsmokers/Coldplay
I like the Chainsmokers, I like them more than I honestly should, but I don't care, as long as they make more great music like this Paris and Closer I'm fine with it. Even if the drop is just Roses 2.0 I don't mind it at all, I mean I still love Roses anyway and I never really hated the drop, quite the opposite actually. Also, thank God they got Chris Martin of Coldplay, because his voice on this track is amazing, especially when he's trying to sing about how this girl doesn't just want someone special like Spiderman or Batman, she just "wants something just like this" what this is is up to the listener's imagination. The point is, that this song is amazing, and gets way too much flack for reason. Another thing that I love about this; the electric guitar in the final chorus that you can hear along side the synth drop which is by far the best part of the song. I still say this is one of the best song The Chainsmokers have done, second only to Closer. 

5. DNA- Kendrick Lamar
I seriously underranked this song in the Pulse rankdown, this definitely deserved to be in the top 5. I still say this is NOT the best off DAMN, but it's still a killer song regardless. The beat is dark as hell, but it plays around Kendrick in the most spectacular way, especially with the fire bars that he spits out like rapid fire. That first part of the song is amazing, especially when the beats goes away for a bit, only to be brought back in full force.

"See yousa, yousa, bitch your hormones probably switch inside your DNA"

God I fucking love that part so Goddamn much! Then you've got the beat switchup, which is activated due to a sample from a Fox News anchor's words about how hip-hop has done more damage to young African Americans than systemic racism, which is just utter stupidity and fake news. And so Kendrick responds in the most brutal way possible.

"You motherfuckers can't tell me nothing, I'd rather die than to listen to you"

And it's clear that Kendrick reigns supreme. Here's a hint, do not challenge King Kendrick, he will annihilate you. 

4. That's What I Like- Bruno Mars
This was always gonna be a big hit for me and I knew it. Some people said that this wasn't really the one they expected to be a big hit, they though 24K magic would, and I'd agree, if this song wasn't just what I loved. Only Bruno Mars can sell bragging right, because of all the swag, and personalty and charisma he has that other artists don't. I love the production, Bruno's voice just shines though this track, and the chorus is just catchy as fuck. This is the type of Bruno that I want, throwback Bruno, with all the swag that all the rappers don't, and he may just have a third hit, since Finesse just jumped into the top 3 on the Hot 100 recently. Hopefully that can actually make a play for #1 and knock out Perfect.

3. HUMBLE- Kendrick Lamar
As much as I love DNA, and how I feel I should love it more, I just love HUMBLE the most off DAMN. I just love hoe Kendrick just spits these bars at his competition and utterly destroys them this year, and I am so glad for that. Kendrick is by far the best thing that rap has as it's saving grace, especially since Eminem's comeback was just straight up disappointing. I am still shocked that Mike Will Made It actually produced this amazing song, but I'm not complaining at all, because this is easily the best rap song of the entire year. Long live the king, may he continue to conquer the charts. 

2. Sign Of The Times- Harry Styles
I still stand by my opinion that Harry Styles has the best solo 1D song. Yes, better than Niall, Louis, Zayn, and certainly better than Liam. I love everything about this song, especially the lyrics. According to an interview with Rolling Stone, Styles he says "The song is written from a point of view as if a mother was giving birth to a child and there's a complication. The mother is told, 'The child is fine, but you're not going to make it.' The mother has five minutes to tell the child, 'Go forth and conquer." You could also say that this song is about the events going on around the world, how Harry is telling the listener to "stop your crying it's a sign of the times" which I feel is a callback to Bob Dylan's classic, The Times They Are A-Changing, where he's acknowledging that times are changing from what we perceive or want. If you told me 5 years ago a 1D member would make a song in a similar style to artists like Prince, David Bowie and Bob Dylan of all people, I would have laughed in your face. But that's what makes this so high for me, it reminds me of those artists, especially with the production being a pop rock ballad that I feel Prince would have done. As someone who likes and does seriously miss Prince since his death, I'm glad that we finally have a great pop rock ballad on the Hot 100, and we've seriously missed it.

1. Praying- Kesha
Call me a Kesha stan all you want, but this is still by far the best song of 2017. Everything about this, EVERYTHING about this is pure bliss to me. From the piano ballad, to the buildup both in her voice and the production, to the beat that kicks in the second chorus. But what really gets me is the lyrics, because it's not a diss to Dr. Luke like I expected, it's Kesha re-inventing herself to take a mature high-road, saying "I hope your somewhere praying, I hope your soul is changing, I hope you find your peace, falling on your knees" She went from doing dance pop like Tik Tok, and Blow to something I never would have expected from Kesha to do, and it is amazing how well it's done. This is not just a woman whose survived Hell, this is a woman moving on and hoping that Dr. Luke is changing and acknowledges that what he's done was wrong. It's a perfect farewell to a haunting past, and a genuine step-forward to reclaiming her life. And it is beautiful and the best thing to happen this year. Welcome back Kesha, your presence has been sincerely missed. 

Total Score: 237/500

Pulse Rankdown Score: 221/500

So yeah, I think this was a bad year for music, not as bad as I kept on ragging on though. When I first did this for the Pulse rankdown, I had a much lower score for the year end. Oh don't get me wrong, I still hated this year for music, what with all the brag rap trap and all the OP streaming and all. But, with 2017 behind us, for the most part, let's hope we can get better music this year, and hopefully we don't get TOO MUCH trap this year.

Also for those wondering:

1. Praying
2. Sign Of The Times
3. Humble.
4. Shape Of You
5. That's What I Like
6. 24K Magic
7. Something Just Like This
8. Closer
9. Paris
10. Starboy
11. What Lovers Do
12. Water Under The Bridge
13. Look What You Made Me Do
14. Unforgettable
15. Believer
16. Wild Thoughts
17. Black Beatles
18. DNA.
19. Stay
20. I Don't Wanna Live Forever
21. All Time Low
22. Rockabye
23. Swalla
24. Thunder
25. Sorry Not Sorry
26. Can't Stop The Feeling!
27. Attention
28. There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
29. Rockstar
30. Havana
31. Loyalty.
32. Slow Hands
33. Heathens
34. Slide
35. Passionfruit
36. Castle On The Hill
37. Love Galore
38. The Fighter
39. Now Or Never
40. Hurricane
41. Feels
42. Despacito
43. In Case You Didn't Know
44. Too Good At Goodbyes
45. It Ain't Me
46. Love On The Brain
47. Let Me Love You
48. Malibu
49. iSpy
50. What About Us
51. I'm The One
52. Drowning
53. Congratulations
54. Goosebumps
55. Small Town Boy
56. 1-800-273-8255
57. What Ifs
58. Young Dumb & Broke
59. Down
60. Bounce Back
61. Location
62. I Feel It Coming
63. Feel It Still
64. Both
65. Redbone
66. Mi Gente
67. T-Shirt
68. Starving
69. Cold
70. Scars To Your Beautiful
71. Do Re Mi
72. Side To Side
73. Rolex
74. Mercy
75. Say You Won't Let Go
76. No Promises
77. I Get The Bag
78. Caroline
79. Strip That Down
80. Fake Love
81. Treat You Better
82. Bad And Boujee
83. Slippery
84. Chained To The Rhythm
85. Mask Off
86. Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)
87. Magnolia
88. Broccoli
89. Don't Wanna Know
90. Bank Account
91. Bad Things
92. Issues
93. Swang
94. Everyday We Lit
95. Rake It Up
96. Body Like A Back Road
97. XO TOUR Llif3
98. Look At Me!
99. Juju On That Beat (TZ Anthem)
100. Tunnel Vision